Friday, July 13th, 2007 7 PM-Midnight
Rivercrest Golf Club
Oaks, PA
(610) 933-4700

Annalie Hudson

Annalie Hudson

Larry Carlin

Larry Carlin

Our 35th high school reunion, which was planned by Annalie Hudson and Larry Carlin, took place in the summer of 2007 at the Rivercrest Golf Club. It was held on Friday evening, July 13th, from 7 p.m. until midnight. The ballroom featured a 1300 square foot dance floor with views of the golf course and waterfalls along the 18th hole.

The event included butlered hors d'oeuvres, non-alcoholic beverages, dinner selections, dessert and a coffee bar. A cash bar was available for alcohol and soft drinks. Instead of a deejay, we opted for a live band. The music of The Ken Battista Band kept the party hopping all night long. Ken, as well as drummer, Dave Ross, are from the UM class of 1971. Dave was also the drummer in the popular band Patchwork that performed at our senior prom and also used to play at the Lafayette Swim Club dances back in the day.

This was our first class reunion in ten years, and besides being a smashing success as well as a lot of fun, it was also a great opportunity to reconnect with classmates and start new friendships.

The cost was $72 per person. Spouses or significant others attended, as well as friends from other years.

We had a tremendous response and there was a good showing at the event. 175 people registered to attend. We were able to locate about 60% of the class and we still welcome any information leading to others. Below is the list of people that are still missing.

If you have any questions about the reunion you can email us here.

Larry Carlin and Annalie Hudson

Reunion Attendees

Jack & Janet Ahrens, Andrea Anderson, Ronnie Arena, Darryl Askew, Willliam & Joanne Bailey, George Bergen & Linda Cielecki, Damon & Debbie Biles Braughter, Hal Blatman, Michael Bolognese, John & DeAnna Brownlee, Bruce & Beth Buecker Prusinowski, Greg & Elli Yacovelli Burke, Chris and Debbie Capinski (class of '71 & '73), Larry Carlin & Claudia Hampe, Janet Carlson, Joe Carrig & Diane Scartozi, Robert Cermanski, Janet Chambers Worley & Janet Chambers, Richard Christie, Robert and Linda Clifton (class of '71), Jack & Donna Coll, Carolyn Consalvi Schirk, Patricia Cook Dickey, Carolyn Cott, David & Janice Cusumano, Glenn & Darlene Davis, Jane Dawson Waller, Dan Deacon, Mike & Sandra DeNaro, John & Sue Langton DiBonaventure, Angela Domenick, Bob Dodds, Robert Cross & Linda Eckman Cross, Summer Eisenberger Keirsey, Kathy Eng Kim, Victoria Evans McNear, Patricia Fascio, Ed Fastow, Debbie Felton O'Brien and brother Bill Felton, Betty Fisher, Denise & mother Ethel Flinn, Joan Gardner Eberhardt, John Scherle & Gwen Gale Scherle, Rose Gentile Trumbo, Elliot & Ann Gerberg, Bill Glennie, Larry Groff, Craig Gundrum, Kyle Hassinger, Howard Hoffman, Jimmy Holden, Annalie Hudson, Bruce & Alice Jackson, Steven & Amy Jimenez Cicalea, John and Patti Kolcun, Peggy Krier & Neil Stoudt, Lynne Kuhn Bagby, Kevin & Theresa Casey Kunda, George Lamb & Irene Veroline, Bob & Cathie Langton, David Legerton & Denise Allen, Craig Gilbert & Kathleen Loughlin Gilbert, Mr/Mrs John Lute (teacher), Peter Marcy, Patrick & Lynn Martin Derby, Thomas & Carol McCarter, Joyce Messere Royer, Betsy Meyer & Scott MacKay, Janet Miller Tomcavage, John & Patty Mills Cassel, George Minter, Michele Mitchell, Gerry & Nancy Mizak, Richard & Cindy Dobbs Mumma, Kathy Murray Johnson & Harry Murray (class of '74), Jack & Deb Paciello, Steve & Holly Parsons Tevis, Louise Powell Millstein, Jackie Murphy Edgcomb, Andrew & Arlene Prater Auletta, Frank & Charlotte Rich Tomko, Michael Prestia, Martin Riehl, Christie Robinson, Dan Rooney, Karin Rosander Sargrad, Richard Rosen, Don Samuelson, Randy & Debby Kimmel Sarles, Mike Scavello (class of '73), Tom Schmidt, Tim & Maryanne Seiders, Gary Senkow, Lila Shaffer Meckley, Steve Sherbondy, Diane Simpson Hope, John & Leslie McIntyre Solar, Robert & Margaret Mary Stanford, Pat Storti Lowery, Larry & Heather Tambone, Joe Traviline, Paul & Pat Traviline, Toni Tyson, Mark Volpi, Jimmy Walker, Sam & Jacqueline Wallace Manson, Mary Beth Wildemann Lovegrove, Mark and Lauren Wisniewski, Alan & Debra Wolfe, Peggy Wrabley, Steve Zappas & son Tim.

The Missing Classmates

In Memoriam

Sign up for on the Upper Merion Alumni web site

Check out UM class of '70 grad Michael Morrison's wonderful historical site and book about the King called "King of Prussia."

Go here to look at photos from the 35-year reunion in 2007

Go here to look at some recent and old photos

Send an email here to find out more about class related events

Class Couples

Annalie Hudson & George Minter

Cindy Dobbs & Rick Mumma

Pamela Lips & Kevin Bonney

Sue Langton & John DiBonaventure

Cindy McDowell & Dennis DeMitis

Lynn Brady & Dave Freeman

Leslie McIntyre & John Solar

Theresa Casey & Kevin Kunda

Alida VanDerHeide & Don Lewis

Debbie Kimmel & Randy Sarles

Elli Yacovelli & Greg Burke

Art Notes

Annalie Hudson is a self-taught acrylic abstract painter whose work can be seen in various galleries in the Philly area.

Larry Carlin performs, produces and writes about acoustic music in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, where he has been living since 1979.

Carolyn Cott & The Zenfonics play the greater King area. The band is Mike DeNaro (class of '72) on lead guitar, Bruce Gilmore (class of '72) on guitar and bass, and Jason Moore on bass.

Randy Sarles plays guitar and performs regularly in the suburban Philly area..

Mike DeNaro is also in a band called The Boogie Dogs. Check out the schedule to find out where they are playing.

Harry Carfrey has a book of poems titled A Slice of Life From the Mirror's Edge.

Glenn Davis has some photographs in the Backroads of Pennsylvania (Pictorial Discovery Guide).

Steve Sherbondy is an author of a book about children.